Sound Effects | Siren, Annoying Country Song, Lawn Mower, Leaf Blower, Radio, Rooster Crow, Alarm Clock, Skill Saw, Violinist | America's Most Unwanted CD | The Ultimate Alarm Clock Alternative!




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Download the ultimate alarm clock alternative from the makers of America's Most Unwanted CD.

Calling all cell phones, iPhones, ipods and mp3 players. Here's Your Wake Up Call! Download the most annoying authentic sound effects guaranteed to get anybody out of bed.

Indulge to the sound effects of roosters crowing, leaf blowers blowing, skill saws a sawing and worst of all the skreeeeeeeching sound of a beginner violinist scratching away at those strings.  

Guaranteed to annoy the hardest sleeper of them all...  

You'll jump out of bed just to turn it off....   Time to Rise-N-Shine!
Guaranteed to get the hardest sleeper out of bed..... 

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